Spider Dream Weaver Glass Bead Ornament

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Spider Weaver Glass Ornament (Item #1067)

Hang your glass bead spider by your bed, window, altar or on a planter to invoke the spider spirit to help manifest your dreams into reality and to elevate to a higher vibration.  Spider travels within realms to help you achieve this.  Killing a spider is a bad omen instead release back into nature or have them around to help guide you to your higher being.

Each glass bead spider is infused with moonlight from the full moon. Handle with care, hold by string or center of body as legs are fragile and posable.  Each spider is packaged in a black box. 

Choose from

  • Black Spider with Turquoise Skull 5"
  • Blue & Purple Spider
  • Gold and Black Spider
  • Red & Black Spider with White Skull
  • Red & Black spider
  • Custom color by request

Handmade by Breanna Rivera, New Mexico

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